DWF Labs is excited to announce a strategic partnership with VIXCO, an innovative project that offers integrated blockchain-based DeFi services combined with conventional offline POS systems and automated AI on the platform. VIXCO aims to lead both on-offline payment markets through its platform, providing a gateway for consumers and affiliates to access financial services in a more secure and fast environment while supporting the safest and fastest transaction speeds and fees.

VIXCO offers a variety of features and benefits, including fast and easy transactions & payments through ATM-POS machines, P2P transactions, blockchain-based transparent payment services, various payment method support such as IC Card, MSR Card, NFC, Barcode, QR-Code, and Cryptocurrency, and DeFi services like staking through the VIXCO platform and AI-unmanned systems. VIXCO ATM-POS is a terminal that can be used by merchants worldwide as a payment method, supporting VIXCO withdrawal and payment while providing cash withdrawal services.

Customers with VIXCO can use VIXCO in place of cash and credit cards at merchants with virtual asset ATM POS devices installed. The virtual asset ATM POS supports "Credit Card Statement Bond Purchase Service," designed to facilitate payments with VIXCO depending on the merchant's choice, ensuring flexibility and convenience for both parties.

As part of this partnership, DWF Labs will collaborate closely with VIXCO to leverage its innovative business infrastructure, such as blockchain POS terminals, VIXCO working node mainnet, and blockchain-based payment purchase systems. This collaboration will bring cutting-edge solutions to the forefront of the fintech industry, providing seamless integration of traditional financial systems and the decentralized world of blockchain technology.

We are looking forward to working with the VIXCO team, exploring new opportunities to drive the adoption of blockchain technology and create a more accessible and secure financial ecosystem for consumers and businesses worldwide.