• Powering efficient  and sustainable  liquidity for  our partners

    Powering efficient
    and sustainable
    liquidity for
    our partners

Building volumes
and providing liquidity

DWF provides cutting-edge market-making execution capabilities, building volumes and providing healthy liquidity for projects as a service.

We are integrated with the top 40 exchanges and trade over 800 pairs which includes spots and derivatives.

For our partners, we provide high touch, 24/7 coverage service to trade through the volumes and provide liquidity you need.


Top 5 by trading volume
in the top 10 exchanges


Trading more than
800 pairs and growing


Top trading entity
in 40 top exchanges

Why Market Making with us

No onboarding, monthly or other fees
DWF does not charge any onboarding fees, monthly fees, trading fees, market making crosses fees, or any additional fees.
Deep liquidity
Market depth is an important indication of how confident people are in the price that’s portrayed. By ensuring sufficient market depth, DWF allows other market participants to trade your token with less price impact and feel more confident in the market liquidity.
Pump and dump protection
Your token and investors will be safe from a variety of attacks such as pump-and-dump and extreme price volatility. In general, it makes a token much more attractive to trade, because traders can be sure that there is no risk of “flash crash”.
Coverage on over 40 exchanges and expanding
DWF's market making algorithms are supported on over 40 exchanges so that tokens can potentially be listed to cover 99% of the traded volume in crypto.
Capital efficiency
In order to increase your capital efficiency and let you concentrate on project development, DWF takes care of the market for your token and uses its own funds for it.
24/7/365 coverage
DWF offers 100% uptime
Potential strategic investment from DWF
DWF is a long-term oriented strategic investor and works with promising projects/companies.

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