Dwf Labs to Purchase $10,000,000 in Floki Tokens to Support the Floki Ecosystem

The purchase, which will be from the Floki treasury, will span two years and will help position Floki for aggressive dominance — both from a utility and marketing standpoint — heading into what will likely be the most explosive bull run crypto has ever experienced.

Floki first announced a partnership with DWF Labs in May 2023, in which they purchased $5 million worth of FLOKI tokens. Since then, they have contributed immensely to helping boost Floki adoption by facilitating key exchange listings, helping boost adoption of our utility by facilitating introductions to key industry projects, and publicly supporting our progress and accomplishments.

This massive FLOKI token purchase will further deepen our relationship with DWF Labs while strategically positioning FLOKI for dominance in an increasingly competitive landscape during this bull run.