Zignaly Announces Cosmos-Based ZIGChain and $100M Ecosystem Fund Backed by DWF Labs

Its goal is to revolutionize financial empowerment through a scalable and inclusive wealth generation infrastructure.

Zignaly also partnered with DWF Labs, Disrupt, and UDHC Finance to launch a $100 Million Ecosystem Development Fund to fuel innovation on the ZIGChain.

Additionally, Zignaly became the world’s first licensed social investment platform, acquiring the CAT-II license from the Financial Services Conduct Authority of South Africa. This Category II License is part of an exclusive, advanced set of digital asset regulations in G20 counties, making Zignaly a reliable investment platform committed to delivering unparalleled wealth-generation opportunities.

In a recent X post, the Zignaly Founding team commented on this historic achievement. They spent 6 years building the platform to meet the stringent regulatory requirements for this license. With the license in hand, they are ready to undertake discretionary fund management and fund custody on behalf of their users. The immediate result was a significant uptick in the user base with the spotlight on Zignaly's Z-Score-driven investment technology. It helps Zignaly grow exponentially, launching innovative products and diving into the DeFi space, marketed on newly accessible mainstream marketing channels. The groundbreaking expansion of our product line, now accessible to a diverse array of audiences, sets the stage for unprecedented scalability.

Zignaly operates on the "Profit Sharing" concept, which enables users of all skills and knowledge to invest in digital assets by leveraging the expertise of proven, seasoned traders. The platform allows users to safely delegate their funds to be professionally managed by expert traders, who must invest their funds into the service to manage the users' funds.

According to Zignaly, the main benefit of this trading practice is the shared success between expert traders and Investors. For example, investors only pay a success fee when the trader generates profits. As a result, the seasoned trader is incentivized to use the most profitable trading strategies to reap maximum gains.

Zignaly ensures clear and transparent communication of its services, informing users about the risks of digital asset investments. Risk is multiplied by several factors when dealing with derivatives, so the platform does not guarantee future performance based on the traders' previous results. It encourages users to do their investment research and choose the traders wisely.

Recently, Zignaly hosted an exclusive event with DWF Labs, Zignaly x DWF Labs Token2049 Meetup, which attracted extraordinary interest of traders, developers, and investors. The team reiterated the plans for its proprietary layer-1 blockchain network, ZIGChain, and the ZIG coin (launched in 2021), at the core of its operations and development. Team Zignaly stated that they are set to making ZIGChain the first and most powerful wealth generation infrastructure.