Fan Long, Core Founder (Conflux)

After DWF became a strategic partner of Conflux, it helped promote Conflux globally and connect with valuable partners. Since then, Conflux has been recognized as the top choice under the Hong Kong reopening theme. The value discovery of Conflux has been extensively discussed in the crypto community, particularly its collaboration efforts in China, such as with Little Red Book and China Telecom, among others.

Furthermore, Conflux has leveraged the global network resources of DWF. With DWF's assistance, Conflux has established ecosystem partnerships with Floki, Worldcoin, Blockbank, Lugaodes AirDAO, Mask, and OpenEden, with an ongoing pipeline. Conflux and DWF have also co-hosted events in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris, and other cities. Conflux and DWF will continue to work hand in hand to build a global presence.