MicroChains Gov Token

DWF Labs is proud to announce our investment in MicroChains, the next-generation cross-chain bridge solution. With its combination of multi-signature and custodian security technology, MicroChains offers multi-level protection to ensure the safety of assets.

The MicroChains team is made up of experienced professionals in the field of cross-chain and finance, and the project works with reliable custodians such as Cobo and Huobi Trust to provide the best insurance coverage for asset security.

Custodians conduct asset custody and supervise the implementation of 1:1 token anchoring, ensuring that over-issuance is prevented. Asset certificates are open and provable, with a full attestation report issued by credible third-party audit institutions.

DWF Labs is excited to be a part of MicroChains' vision to create a secure and efficient cross-chain bridge solution for the decentralized economy. Join us in our mission to drive innovation and growth in the blockchain industry.