AIOZ Network

DWF Labs is thrilled to announce our latest investment in AIOZ Network, an innovative Layer-1 blockchain project with full Ethereum and Cosmos interoperability. AIOZ Network is set to revolutionize the way dApps are deployed and media is consumed, with its unique multi-chain architecture, infinite horizontal scalability, and low transaction fees.

The AIOZ Network's cutting-edge compatibility with both EVM and Cosmos ecosystems brings unprecedented interoperability, low transaction fees, rapid throughput, and instant finality. This remarkable foundation allows dApps to reach a broader spectrum of users across diverse ecosystems.

As a core component of the Web 3.0 movement, AIOZ Network connects a global network of user-run nodes to create a decentralized Content Delivery Network (dCDN). By tapping into dormant computing capacity worldwide, AIOZ Network empowers the emerging decentralized economy and paves the way for the next era of media software.

The AIOZ Network dCDN delivers content faster while removing barriers between creators and their supporters. It distributes media across a network of global nodes run by users, which eliminates middlemen, redistributes control, and rewards content creators, viewers, and node operators with $AIOZ tokens. From audio and video to livestreaming and gaming, AIOZ Network dCDN supports various media types and fosters the development of the Media Universe & Metaverse.

With EVM (Solidity) smart contracts, WASM (Rust) integration, and seamless interoperability with existing blockchains, AIOZ Network stands as the most cost-effective, fast, and scalable blockchain today. We at DWF Labs are excited to support AIOZ Network in its journey to redefine the blockchain landscape and the future of media consumption.