DWF Labs is proud to announce our investment in Biconomy, the ultimate toolkit for your Web3 stack. Biconomy is a powerful platform that enables developers to build custom transaction journeys and leverage smart contract wallets. It's the solution for delivering seamless onboarding, effortless user experience and scale user adoption and retention.

With Biconomy, you can simplify every stage of your user journey and go from complex multi-step interactions to one-click experiences. The platform enables you to easily batch multiple transactions, making complicated user journeys a thing of the past. Biconomy also offers easy onboarding, leveraging smart accounts to onboard anyone to your dApp in seconds, with easy-to-use social logins and fiat on-ramps that work seamlessly for mainstream and

native web3 users.

Biconomy also simplifies transactions, leveraging paymasters to offer gasless transactions, accept gas in any ERC20 tokens, and eliminate failed transactions. All you need is a simple user signature. With Biconomy, you can remove friction, leveraging account abstraction to handle web3 actions on behalf of your users in a non-custodial way. This enables you to build custom authorization and session logic to reduce the constant need for user signatures.