DWF Labs is excited to announce its investment in Chain, the leading provider of Web3 solutions for businesses worldwide. Chain is reimagining the Web3 experience for brands by offering a suite of end-to-end products designed to help them enter the revolutionary world of blockchain technology.

With its latest high-profile client, Chain demonstrated its expertise in NFT sales by selling out their entire collection valued at over $12 million in just minutes. Chain’s one-on-one NFT consulting service is available to both established brands and aspiring creators, providing a full white-glove service that is customizable to meet the needs of any NFT project, no matter its size.

Chain also offers a fully customizable immutable ledger that balances all business transactions, streamlining the ledger management process with its extensive developer resources. The company’s Chain Cloud provides real-time analytics, allowing businesses to refine and grow their brand organically.

From prototypes to production systems, Chain has partnered with industry leaders to bring blockchain networks to market. The company’s systems are designed to meet the demands of its clients’ businesses, offering a one-stop solution for all elements of the blockchain infrastructure.

With 24/7 support teams, secure ledger management, NFT consulting, and more, Chain is the bridge between any business and Web3. DWF Labs is confident in the company’s ability to deliver premium blockchain infrastructure solutions to businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve.