DWF Labs is pleased to announce its investment in Oraichain, the world's first intelligent and secure solution for emerging Web3, scalable Dapps, and decentralized AI. Oraichain is a foundational layer for the creation of a new generation of smart contracts and dApps, providing a secure and fast CosmosSDK-based blockchain with DPoS consensus and optimized sub-networks for AI.

Oraichain's AI oracles offer verifiable and trustless AI execution via proof-of-correctness and proof-of-execution, and its technology allows for the establishment of decentralized environments for data economy and AI-based services. The platform also offers high transaction throughput with optimistic rollups and zk-rollups and is EVM compatible, allowing developers to build on the platform using Metamask.

The CosmWasm IDE, powered by Oraichain x CosmWasm, aims to become a general tool for the developer community within the Cosmos ecosystem. Additionally, users can delegate Native ORAI to validators on the Oraichain network in order to secure the network.