DWF Labs is excited to announce our partnership in VELO. VELO aims to revolutionize the financial landscape by harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies. Through this partnership, we will contribute to support the development of several remarkable initiatives within the VELO ecosystem.

Quantum is a lightning-speed remittance network. Quantum will enable trusted partners to connect with each other, providing users with lower fees, faster transactions, and broader coverage.

Universe is a multi-chain super DEX. Universe offers a high-performance decentralized exchange where users can trade global assets at a low cost. With Universe, individuals can maintain control of their funds through a self-custodian wallet while benefiting from a centralized trading engine and order-matching system, allowing for seamless high-frequency trading.

Nova Chain is an affordable universal blockchain network. Nova Chain is an EVM-compatible blockchain that serves as the backbone of the Web3+ ecosystem. This enables partners to connect their services with web3+ applications, ensuring frictionless transactions for all users on the network.

Orbit is a crypto super app designed to make crypto transfers accessible to all. Orbit provides a user-friendly mobile application that allows for quick P2P payments using a simple "Scan-and-Go" model. By utilizing a common QR code system, users can connect their wallets to the Velo ecosystem and effortlessly transfer funds for various purposes.

We are thrilled to be part of this transformative project and look forward to leveraging our expertise in DWF Labs to contribute to the success of VELO.