Anti Matter

DWF Labs is excited to announce its partnership with Antimatter, the company that has developed B2, a BNB Chain sidechain designed to provide scalability to the financial infrastructure. With its optimized design, B2 facilitates financial DApps and ensures increased throughput and low transaction fees.

The B2 sidechain, built on the BAS framework, solves scalability problems by having a higher output of transactions and lower gas fees. It is designed for very high transaction outputs and has a smaller set of validators to achieve this. In addition, B2 serves as a data storage for the Dapps on Antimatter's ecosystem, allowing user records and transactions to be stored in a decentralised way, ensuring greater security.

With on-chain governance, B2 validator owners can create and vote on proposals, with voting power being distributed based on the total delegated amount to the validator. This governance system further ensures the security of transactions on the blockchain.

Antimatter's ecosystem is a powerful combination of financial applications and Web3 consumer apps. Its community-owned validators validate transactions on the blockchain, providing greater security and trust in the system. We are thrilled to be partnering with Antimatter to revolutionize the financial infrastructure and drive innovation in the world of blockchain and Web3 technology.