DWF Labs is excited to announce a partnership with Syscoin. Our mission is to pioneer innovations in decentralization, security, scalability, and enterprise, and Syscoin is a great match for our vision.

Syscoin's modular architecture is designed to provide the greatest flexibility to developers, offering efficient negotiation of the blockchain trilemma with the least trade-offs. The dual-chain Layer 1 enables leading-edge tools of both primary blockchain paradigms, UTXO and EVM, and elevates them to true scalability through Layer 2 solutions.

With merge-mining with Bitcoin at no extra energy expense, multi-quorum chainlocks providing further security, and miners and masternode operators collecting rewards for providing real-world services to the network, Syscoin provides peace-of-mind security.

Modular architecture ensures scalability that can meet the demands of global mass adoption. Syscoin is designed to give all blockchain activity ultra-efficiency and minimal data footprint, leading to greater capacity, more throughput, and lower costs across the board. Additionally, Syscoin provides a suite of tools to make assets and smart contracts function lightning fast at a very low cost while gaining Bitcoin-mined security in the background.

Syscoin supports NFTs on both Layer 1 chains, giving you the flexibility to choose between NEVM chain's familiar solidity-based NFT support (ERC-721 & 1155) or simple UTXO-based NFTs on the native chain. With Syscoin's Rollux leading-edge scaling technology, PoDA efficient Layer 1 data availability solution, and DAOSYS treasury management tool, Syscoin is truly building a world of decentralization, security, and scalability.