DWF Labs is excited to announce its partnership with CryptoGPT, a dedicated layer-2 blockchain for AI development. CryptoGPT aims to provide blockchain technology to states, banks, financial startups, or individual users around the world. The platform provides a unique EVM-compliance that enables easy and rapid onramp of developers and users. This partnership will help to create a sustainable economy that rewards users instead of charging them.

CryptoGPT captures, packages, and prepares your data for monetization. With the help of AI Capsules, users can monetize their behavioral data and earn rewards. Users can browse through the VPN and offer their data for monetization to earn rewards. The AI2Earn VPN will offer a state-of-the-art user experience & pay users for browsing with our VPN: exponentially scaling the userbase on the network. The AI2Earn business model enables monetizing user data to create a sustainable economy that rewards users instead of charging them.

CryptoGPT's Layer Marketplace is the gateway for retail users to earn by browsing. It allows users to buy and sell data capsules that allow them to monetize their behavioral data. The platform offers AI Data Capsule NFT (40/40 Fractions) Minting, which enables users to mint capsules and enter AI2Earn from browsing by offering their data for monetization. AI algorithms need your data, and currently, big tech firms monetize this to become trillion-dollar corporations. With CryptoGPT, users can now monetize their data and earn rewards.

CryptoGPT is designed to be a network uncontrollable by centralized influence. The mining model and security align with activity, ensuring the network's security increases in parallel to adoption. The platform's scalability and ultra-low-cost transactions combine with empowering infrastructure, data capsules, AI tooling, pluggable earn launcher, to create a blockchain that can expand the abilities of the global economy with the economics of AI.