We are excited to announce that DWF Labs has entered into a partnership with Marlin, a decentralised network infrastructure that provides serverless backends for Web 3.0. Marlin offers innovative software design solutions that allow users to access permissionless markets, providing a highly efficient and flexible ecosystem for offchain applications


Marlin's high-performance infrastructure has attracted a variety of applications, including the Polygon MEV relay, which enables searchers to securely send Flashbots-compatible bundles or private transactions to Polygon validators running mev-bor, a fork of vanilla bor. In addition, Marlin offers a ZK prover marketplace, which optimises hardware providers to ensure better resource efficiency, reduce fixed costs and time to proof generation.

Marlin's Web3 Cache is a distributed event-driven caching system that is based on the observation that a small portion of contracts and addresses account for most of the on-chain activity. With Marlin Foundry, the decentralized network of programmable routers enables users to launch their own Chaumian mixnet, VPN relay network, anonymity network, and mesh network, all of which are connected by Networked Bandwidth for added security.

Flexible Incentivisation is at the heart of Marlin's architecture, which allows users to use their own token for payments and governance. The Extensible Architecture allows users to deploy customised routing rules on the Marlin VM.

Marlin's METANODES enable decentralised high-performance communication, with nodes all across the globe sharing bandwidth to support networks built using Marlin Foundry. Metanodes are incentivised to relay packets in exchange for fees.