We are thrilled to announce our investment in Tokoin, a cutting-edge technology company supported by the local government with a mission to build a one-stop ecosystem of blockchain-related products and services to assist institutions in onboarding blockchain technology.

Tokoin's flagship product, the super token, serves as an integral part of their ecosystem, providing a reward token, payment token, and utility token in the De-Fi and NFT space. They aim to provide a financial transaction freedom platform without intermediaries, giving users complete control over their crypto assets. The T-Fi platform enables high APY, high APR, staking, farming, lending, and borrowing opportunities with limitless possibilities.

Tokoin is also an accelerator for young gamefi projects, providing a full solution for staking and farming to help them concentrate on building their games. The My-T Wallet is the first official digital wallet from Tokoin, providing a secure, audited platform for gamefi projects to store, transfer, and stake their TOKO tokens.

With the support of the local government and the innovative vision of Tokoin, we believe that this investment will play a significant role in shaping the future of the blockchain and DeFi space.