Metavisa Protocol

Metavisa is revolutionizing the Web3.0 space with its credit score protocol, enabling users to create a 100% secure, certified on-chain identity record. This provides endless opportunities for whitelisting, greater cryptocurrency loan rates, and increased transparency in the Web3 space.

The metavisa credit score system ranks users based on their on-chain identity, providing them with badges that unlock privileges and rewards from various partners and DApps. These badges include Symbol, which represents an exclusive rating for each address, Credentials, which allows users to log into third-party applications in the Metaverse, and GameFi, which unlocks special reward distributions and GameFi asset transactions.

Metavisa also has use cases for DeFi, DAOs, CRM systems, and user growth. In DeFi, users can improve their product experience with credit lending services and customized account tactics. In DAOs, addresses with higher credit scores can receive voting weight and status. In CRM systems, developers and community members can create membership systems to motivate users and enhance loyalty. Finally, Metavisa helps screen out trusted users and improves targeted marketing efficiency, providing growth opportunities.