Labs Group

DWF Labs is excited to announce our investment in Labs Group, a revolutionary real estate investment platform that utilizes Web3 and blockchain technology to make property accessible to everyone. Through the platform's Staynex Passes, property owners can tokenize stays and nights onto Non Fungible Tokens, giving holders global travel flexibility and the ability to earn rewards from room rentals and operations.

Labs Group is disrupting the real estate industry with its Liquid Assets Brokerage System (LABS), which allows for borderless investment and secondary market liquidity. Property owners can easily raise capital without financial intermediaries, and investors can build a global real estate portfolio without barriers to entry. Plus, blockchain technology enables instant, transparent transactions without intermediaries.

LABS Group is paving the way for retail and accredited investors alike to access worldwide real estate investment opportunities, unlocking the potential of this large asset class. We're excited to support their mission to make real estate accessible for everyone through digital assets and blockchain technology.