IX Swap

DWF Labs is excited to announce our investment in IX Swap, a platform that connects investors to a world of new and powerful investment opportunities. Through IX Swap's variety of products, investors can access unique opportunities in DeFi, Security Tokens, Tokenization, Private Markets, Next-Gen Trading, Crowdfunding, and DEX.

IX Swap's mission is to enable regulatory compliant DeFi through licensed intermediaries, while delivering opportunities to invest in private market assets through security tokens and tokenization. Their fully liquid decentralized exchange allows users to trade security tokens and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the liquidity solution for security tokens provides liquidity to other security token platforms.

IX Swap offers investors the opportunity to invest in various private market assets, including private equity, real estate, infrastructure, natural resources, and private debt. With tokenization, investors can access high-potential investments with fractional ownership, potentially with as little as $1.

Investors can also unlock the potential to trade in other tangible and intangible assets that were previously off-limits, including real estate, equipment, vehicles, intellectual property rights, and copyrights, among others.