Neptune Mutual

DWF Labs is pleased to announce our investment in Neptune Mutual, the first parametric insurance protocol for Ethereum. Neptune Mutual offers decentralized parametric insurance, providing instant payouts in stablecoin after incident resolution without the need to provide personal information, loss proof, or wait.

The protocol offers dedicated covers, created by projects for their communities, tailor-made to protect a specific community from security risk. The diversified covers enable liquidity providers to diversify the risk of their capital across a portfolio of projects. This enables the Neptune Mutual marketplace to offer cover policies to a wider variety of projects in DeFi, CeFi, and Metaverse.

One of the standout features of Neptune Mutual is its ability to allow users to access all cover features without leaving their DeFi app. With a few lines of code, users can supply liquidity, purchase covers, and interact with their decentralized cover pool directly within their own DeFi app, frontend, or backend.

Neptune Mutual is also developing an amazing collection of NFTs for their community. The collection will feature both tradeable and soulbound versions, some of which may have economic benefits and utility within the marketplace. Be sure to join their Discord community to keep up to date with their NFT news.

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