DWF Labs is excited to announce our investment in DeFi Yield, a platform that provides a full suite of innovative tools to manage digital assets in the world of DeFi. DeFi Yield offers a unified data view for the most popular DeFi protocols via an intuitive interface or flexible API, enabling users to make better decisions and move quickly with their complete DeFi management toolset.

One of the standout features of DeFi Yield is its dashboard, which enables users to monitor their assets that are stored on centralized exchanges, HODL, stake or provide liquidity with. Users can view their assets in detail, monitor price, profit/loss, DeFi assets summary, and transaction history. DeFi Yield also provides unique insights by tracking balance summaries, staked amounts, and the assets held in liquidity pools. Users can review all of their transactions organized by type and data, gaining instant access to critical information, including timestamps, currency involved, transaction amounts, and the protocols used.

DeFi Yield offers advanced, easy-to-use security solutions, which are essential for investing confidently in the world of DeFi. The platform's security tool checks smart contracts for known security issues, automatically declining risky allowances. The Scanner's rapid smart contract audits significantly mitigate DeFi risk, generating comprehensive audit PDFs. DeFi Yield also offers access to the world's first audit database via API, allowing users to check any project audits, which is constantly growing at a rate of 4000 audits archive free to use. Furthermore, the REKT database provides detailed reports on the vulnerabilities that past and present scams exploited, including a tracker of total funds lost.