Date of investment: 2023-02-14

DWF Labs is excited to announce the investment opportunity in Creditcoin, the groundbreaking blockchain network built to help borrowers and lenders. Creditcoin provides fintech and microfinance providers with greater access to capital, while allowing borrowers to secure their credit history on an immutable ledger using the Creditcoin token.

Creditcoin 2.0, the latest version of the Creditcoin network, has already recorded over 50k loans every month, totaling more than $14M USD. Creditcoin's scalability is a testament to its success and is supported by interoperability, which allows loans to be supported on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ethereum L2s, with support coming for Stacks, Flow, and many more. Creditcoin's security is ensured through Proof-of-Work and over 1,000 validators with 889+ GH/S hashrate.

Creditcoin connects the DeFi and TradFi ecosystems, creating a new on-chain credit investment market that generates users' real-world yield. It solves DeFi's under-collateralization requirement and leverages transparency to improve counterparty trust in credit markets.

Creditcoin's ecosystem includes Credit, allowing loans to be transparent, immutable, and easy to verify, allowing any party to build credit history and improve their access to credit. Gateway DAO is a next-generation cross-chain bridge, designed to give users the freedom to operate across any L1 or L2 ecosystem they choose, ensuring security through a decentralized and transparent DAO-led governance and cross-chain validation mechanism.