Date of investment: 2023-03-14

DWF Labs is excited to announce our investment in's TIME token, a fintech company focused on HR solutions for businesses. is building a comprehensive ecosystem for HR and finance, reducing or eliminating the barriers to recruitment and payment processes for both workers and employers. With blockchain technology, aims to unlock a new world of employment opportunities that anyone can access, wherever they are in the world, ensuring fair and prompt payment.

The TIME token allows users to stake their tokens and earn regular rewards by locking them in the TimeWarp smart contract. Longer lock-ups can result in increased earnings, and users can also benefit from Job Mining and Premium Account status on LaborX. LaborX is a global recruitment platform that connects individuals with work opportunities worldwide, enabling them to get paid in crypto with efficient transactions and robust protections for both parties.

TimeX, the Plasma-based exchange, combines centralized and decentralized technologies to offer the best of both worlds in terms of speed, security, cost, and protection against front-running and illegal activities. PaymentX is an automated cryptocurrency payroll solution for businesses that allows them to pay their team using crypto in one click, send and receive professional invoices, and set up regular payment dates quickly and conveniently. Finally, AUDT, a fiat-backed stablecoin underpinned with a 100% reserve of Australian dollars, can be redeemed for real Australian dollars on a 1:1 basis at any time.