We are thrilled to announce that DWF Labs has entered into a strategic partnership with Roseon, an all-encompassing ecosystem designed to simplify users' crypto journey. Roseon currently has two products: RoseonX, a gamified perp DEX and RoseonApp, a one-stop mobile crypto app

Roseon was first launched to bridge the gap between CeFi and DeFi and to make crypto easily accessible. We fulfilled our original roadmap after 1 year, but far from being satisfied, we added a launchpad and built 6 in-app games. Roseon continues to broaden its horizons and has begun the development of a Gamified Perpetual DEX. Roseon's mission is to simplify DeFi and bring DeFi opportunities and other features like trading, swap and NFTs portal access to anyone with a mobile phone and a browser allowing users to manage their crypto and digital tokens from wherever they go with an easy-to-use mobile application and web interface.

Despite the growing interest in cryptocurrency and DeFi, many potential users are interested in entering the world of cryptocurrency and Defi and whilst the amount of crypto flowing into decentralized platforms is continuously increasing, there are huge barriers to entry that dissuade them. The learning curve is extremely steep due to the complexity of the instruments and speed of market evolution that creates a barrier limiting the entry of many retail users. Moreover, there is a loss of confidence in the centralized business model following the collapse of FTX, 3AC, Alameda and others. Roseon envisions a better world with a high degree of financial independence and decentralization and we add value by simplifying the gateway to the features and benefits of DeFi. With our easy-to-use mobile application and web interface, DeFi opportunities are available to anyone with a mobile phone and a browser allowing users to conveniently manage their DeFi portfolio from wherever they go.

In essence, Roseon users can select the best reward opportunities without having to navigate the complex world of DeFi protocols and also take advantage of other broadly connected services within the same portal. Also, the launch of RoseonX will bring more utility to its native token and give more power back to the community and users. We look forward to working together with Roseon to help make the world of cryptocurrency more accessible and enjoyable for all.