DWF Labs is excited to announce our long-term financial support for Polylastic, a project that offers investors broad exposure to the digital finance space through one investment. Polylastic's index baskets include DeFi, blue chip, NFT, gaming, zk rollup, and more, providing diversified portfolios for investors of all experience levels and risk appetites.

With Polylastic, investors can simplify the process of purchasing and managing their crypto portfolios. The community-decided index is designed to track token performance in the digital finance industry, and the POLX token allows holders exclusive access to the index and voting rights pertaining to the index and its underlying assets. Polylastic's cutting-edge technology ensures that the indices are based on extensive due diligence and market research, making it the first premium set of digital asset indexes.

Through the Polylastic staking program, liquidity providers and POLX token holders can stake their tokens and receive rewards in POLX for their participation in the network. Polylastic's dynamic fee structure and market volatility resistance also ensure that underlying assets included in the indices are selected by top market analysts with consideration to market capitalization, volume, liquidity, and other key indicators.