We are excited to announce the partnership between DWF Labs and Polytrade, a DeFi project at the forefront of transforming the world of trade finance. Polytrade's innovative approach, through its three core products, aims to bring real-world finance into the realm of web3 with cutting-edge DeFi and Fintech advancements.

With Polytrade Lender, investors can lend stablecoins through various lending pools, generating yield by purchasing high-quality invoice receivables. The Real World Asset (RWA) Marketplace provides a unique opportunity to access on-chain fractions of the most secure real-world assets, enabling listing, trading, fractionalization, and structuring. Additionally, Polytrade ID establishes a secure and private ecosystem for institutions to access and maintain their KYC/AML and trade history data, ensuring data security and privacy.

What sets Polytrade apart is its commitment to providing sustainable and dependable yields. The platform's pools generate yield from real-world assets, offering users predictable and reliable returns. These real-world assets are tokenized on-chain by the protocol, ensuring transparency and security throughout the process.

Polytrade also played an essential role in the autoring of the ERC-6960 standard, also known as the "Real-World Asset" or RWA standard, a groundbreaking development in the blockchain ecosystem.