Nine Chronicles
Date of investment: 2023-03-08

DWF Labs is thrilled to announce our investment in Nine Chronicles, a fully decentralized fantasy world blockchain RPG that has established itself as one of the top blockchain games with over 300K wallets and ranked 5th based on DappRadar. With a passionate community of over 200,000 members on Discord and Twitter and players from 140 countries, Nine Chronicles offers a unique gaming experience.

Land of Conquest

DWF Labs is excited to announce an investment in Land of Conquest, the next generation of MMO Strategy Blockchain games. Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where warring factions fight for land and resources, players can engage in thrilling PVE and PVP gameplay while earning real money through the game's economic system based on Hero and Mech NFTs, Land Ownership, and XTAL Crystals.


DWF Labs is thrilled to announce our investment in the exciting new project, Onston. Onston is changing the virtual reality landscape with its innovative approach to the metaverse. Onston integrates and extends the members of the Onston Metaverse community with its cutting-edge technology, creating a seamless and inclusive virtual experience.

Date of investment: 2023-01-03

We are pleased to announce our investment in MixMarvel, a leading blockchain content-incubation platform and creators community. MixMarvel provides a wide range of services to help developers and users alike, including content-incubation services such as asset distribution, content publication, infrastructure construction, community co-creation, and more. These services aim to link investors and mass users, and create a new decentralized application ecosystem.

Date of investment: 2022-12-28

DWF Labs is excited to announce our investment in GuildFi, a project that aims to create an interconnected ecosystem of games, NFTs, and communities to maximize players' benefits and enable interoperability across the metaverse.

The Mars
Date of investment: 2022-12-19

We are thrilled to announce our investment in The Mars, an exciting project that is creating a global metaverse game platform based on the theme of the red planet. Players can immerse themselves in a fully-realized world, where they can own real estate, play sports, and interact with others. The Mars team is also creating unique skins and in-game items to enhance the experience.

Date of investment: 2022-12-16

We are thrilled to announce our investment in Aurory, the premier tactical turn-based JRPG built on the Solana blockchain. Aurory is revolutionizing the gaming industry with its seamless integration of web3 technology and its commitment to delivering a top-notch gaming experience.

Date of investment: 2022-12-02

DWF Labs is proud to announce the launch of Stepwatch, a cutting-edge Web3 walking fitness rewards application that revolutionizes the way people exercise and earn money. Stepwatch is designed for individuals who want to improve their health and fitness, and earn rewards for their efforts.