We are pleased to announce our investment in MixMarvel, a leading blockchain content-incubation platform and creators community. MixMarvel provides a wide range of services to help developers and users alike, including content-incubation services such as asset distribution, content publication, infrastructure construction, community co-creation, and more. These services aim to link investors and mass users, and create a new decentralized application ecosystem.

MixMarvel also provides developers with the blockchain infrastructure Rangers Protocol and MixMarvel SDK, and users with convenient functions such as login, payment, and data statistics. The platform also has a established large community user group that offer all users the opportunity to participate in the community co-creation, and obtain long-term benefits through content contribution. MixMarvel can in return continuously update product content for the community, so as to achieve a win-win situation.

Additionally, MixMarvel provides comprehensive publishing services including FT and NFT asset distribution, and blockchain game publication. They have published high-quality FT assets such as MIX, HEROES, and RPG, as well as high-quality blockchain games including DeHero, HyperDragons, HyperSnakes, and LeCube, together with their in-game NFT assets. We believe that MixMarvel's unique approach to content-incubation will revolutionize the decentralized application ecosystem and are excited to be a part of this growth.