The Mars

We are thrilled to announce our investment in The Mars, an exciting project that is creating a global metaverse game platform based on the theme of the red planet. Players can immerse themselves in a fully-realized world, where they can own real estate, play sports, and interact with others. The Mars team is also creating unique skins and in-game items to enhance the experience.

Additionally, the platform allows for advertising to be placed almost everywhere within the game, from the skies to the exterior walls of buildings, and even on avatars. The Mars also offers seamless communication through business and education without time and space constraints, as well as providing a platform to connect supply and demand between users through e-commerce and user-generated content.

The Mars also offers MRST Mining App (MMA) which allows users to prepare for the Mars metaverse. The mining algorithm is similar to Bitcoin's, uses minimal mobile resources to save energy and even if the user closes the app on the smartphone, the mining process continues for as long as the battery life. If used with a team of up to 7 members and equipment options, the mining speed can be up to 70% faster. We believe that The Mars is at the forefront of the metaverse industry and we are excited to be a part of this revolutionary platform.

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