DWF Labs is proud to announce the launch of Marblex, a new player in the ever-growing gaming and De-Fi ecosystem. Marblex brings together the Game-Fi and NFT world into a seamless, user-friendly experience for users. The platform's ecosystem, the MARBLEX Playground, is an expansion of the Game-Fi ecosystem, connecting fragmented ecosystems and allowing for a fluid interaction between games and the economy within.

Marblex offers a De-Fi service where users can use not just the key currency MBX, but also each unique game token created in the MBX Playground. MBX De-Fi service offers various financial services, including AMM-based Swap, Token Staking, and a scholarship system, as well as token-collateralized loans/borrowings that will be expanded in the future.

In addition to the De-Fi service, Marblex provides users with the opportunity to acquire NFTs through gameplay and market purchases. NFTs bring unique value to users, such as character cards and other unique game items, and the free trade of NFTs allows users to realize the value of their play performance. Marblex will also offer services such as an NFT Marketplace and Launchpad to improve users' convenience and provide a safe platform environment for NFT transactions.