Land of Conquest

DWF Labs is excited to announce an investment in Land of Conquest, the next generation of MMO Strategy Blockchain games. Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where warring factions fight for land and resources, players can engage in thrilling PVE and PVP gameplay while earning real money through the game's economic system based on Hero and Mech NFTs, Land Ownership, and XTAL Crystals.

Land of Conquest's innovative Play-To-Earn model integrates the core features of SLG games while creating a sustainable and fair economic system for players to earn rewards. By emphasizing accessibility and fairness for all players, Land of Conquest seeks to become the future of the SLG genre in the GameFi revolution.

The game's deep excavation of the economic attributes of SLG games and integration of world map PVP, accumulated resources, and social functions into Play-To-Earn's economic model, is a key innovation that will revolutionize the industry. Land of Conquest leverages the most advanced public chain and game production technology to realize the decentralization of game virtual assets and offers players the ability to create their own kingdom in the game from scratch.

As the SLG category has a large fan base, Land of Conquest offers a significant opportunity to seize GameFi in the SLG field and guide SLG enthusiasts to the GameFi world. We are excited to support the Land of Conquest team and look forward to the future success of this innovative game.