DWF Labs is excited to announce our investment in DigiNation, a metaverse game platform that connects the Web3 and Web2 communities. The team behind DigiNation has extensive game creation experience and is supported by notable Web3 investors, and aims to expand the Web3 ecosystem with its unique game development capabilities and Web2 user base.

DigiNation offers a range of services for NFT collections, including the ability to create a customizable space in the metaverse to host events and exhibit the best of a community without owning land or making long-term commitments. DigiNation also allows for the transport of NFT collections into the metaverse with 3D NFT rendering, and offers fully managed and customized services from 2D/3D NFT design and sales to metaverse creation.

We are particularly impressed by DigiNation's focus on community and inclusivity, allowing for unlimited metaverse game experiences and unique Web3 economics. DigiNation's DigiClub is also an innovative feature that offers benefits to crypto projects integrated into the platform.

We are also excited about DigiNation's DigiPenguins project, which introduces all Web3 penguins to the broader metaverse and thousands of gamers. With a maximum of 12888 Digi Penguins in this collection, each will have distinctive characteristics inherited from the original penguins or born with, adding an interesting twist to the gamification of NFTs.