Nine Chronicles

DWF Labs is thrilled to announce our investment in Nine Chronicles, a fully decentralized fantasy world blockchain RPG that has established itself as one of the top blockchain games with over 300K wallets and ranked 5th based on DappRadar. With a passionate community of over 200,000 members on Discord and Twitter and players from 140 countries, Nine Chronicles offers a unique gaming experience.

Players can explore the mysterious regions of Yggdrasil, gather materials, and craft powerful gear to take on fierce bosses. With crafting, grinding, and trading options, players can become a master of the economy or a fierce champion. Nine Chronicles also offers arena championships, world bosses, and NCG staking to boost rewards.

Nine Chronicles Gold is the main in-game currency and governance token used in the Nine Chronicles network. The Wrapped NCG (WNCG) is a 1:1 NCG backed ERC-20 token that delivers the power of NCG with the flexibility of an ERC-20 token.

We believe Nine Chronicles is a game-changer in the blockchain gaming industry with its fully decentralized model and passionate community. We look forward to supporting Nine Chronicles as they continue to expand their offerings and create a new standard in blockchain gaming.