Top Goal

We are excited to announce that DWF Labs has formed a strategic partnership with TOPGOAL, a football metaverse platform that has collaborated with numerous football stars, including Kaka, Del Peiro, and Patrice Evra. Boasting official copyrights for over 3,000 football players and nearly a decade of experience in football game development, TOPGOAL is well-equipped to bring tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of Web2 football users into the Web3 ecosystem.

TOPGOAL's first-phase game product, TopManager, is a state-of-the-art 3D football manager game utilising cloud gaming technology. Players can use digital football star card assets to build their own teams, participate in leagues and tournaments, and earn $GOAL token rewards through Play-2-Own and Win-2-Earn models. This innovative platform offers a unique and engaging experience for football enthusiasts and gamers alike.

In the third quarter of this year, TOPGOAL will officially launch Football Meta Club and the cross-platform Web3 game Footballcraft, available on mobile platforms. Footballcraft is a football parallel universe akin to SandBox, featuring a virtual football world with a 12 times time acceleration. In this universe, an intercontinental club champion will be selected every month, and a virtual World Cup will take place every four months. All player data in the game will be recorded on the blockchain, ensuring the game's persistence and providing a new immersive and interactive way for fans and players to connect meaningfully.

This partnership will help create a global community centred around football games, rewarding long-term contributors in countless unexplored ways and paving the way for a more engaging and immersive football experience. We look forward to collaborating with TOPGOAL to revolutionise the world of football gaming and metaverse platforms.