Outer Ring MMO

DWF Labs is thrilled to announce its partnership with Maniac Panda Games in the exciting project called Outer Ring MMO. Maniac Panda Games, the gamification and video games division of Windex Technologies, brings a wealth of expertise in application development and gamification.

With their innovative approach and proficiency in video game development and blockchain technology, Maniac Panda Games aims to combine both sectors in the groundbreaking Outer Ring MMO. The design, name, and corporate image of Maniac Panda Games and Outer Ring have been registered for international protection, highlighting their commitment to quality and originality. Additionally, all narrative elements will be registered in the Intellectual Property Register.

Outer Ring MMO is a science fiction MMORPG with a tokenized economy, set in the captivating Outer Ring Saga universe. Players will embark on an epic journey as they navigate the complex dynamics of five species divided into four factions, vying for control of planets and resources.

Outer Ring MMO introduces a Player Driven Economy, allowing players to generate value and ownership of in-game assets. Through the implementation of blockchain technology, assets can be seamlessly converted into fungible or non-fungible tokens (NFTs), providing players with true ownership and the ability to shape their own gaming experience.

Combining elements of fantasy and science fiction, Outer Ring MMO offers players a vast and immersive universe to explore. With no set storyline, players have the freedom to forge their own paths and make significant contributions to the evolving world. The launch of Outer Ring MMO will be executed through sequential milestones, ensuring smooth testing and continuous updates. Early adopters will be rewarded for their commitment to the project and their pivotal role in shaping its future.

Outer Ring MMO is set to launch on PC and MAC, with plans to release companion applications for mobile devices in the future. These companion apps will allow players to manage their tokenized assets and engage in specific in-game tasks while on the go.