DWF Labs is thrilled to announce long term financial support to IguVerse, an innovative project that bridges the divide between Web 2 and Web 3. Using a combination of high-end AI/ML and blockchain solutions, IguVerse has developed an easy-to-use cross-platform mobile application, creating an entire ecosystem in the process.

The IguVerse app represents a major breakthrough in the Web 3 gaming industry, introducing social and community elements to a GameFi app. Players can enjoy various mini-games within the app, receiving tokens based on their overall performance and the characteristics of their NFT assets. The app currently features a task system, an NFT generation infrastructure, PvP games, an integrated wallet, and a decentralized exchange.

Transforming users' typical social media routines into an enjoyable and engaging experience, the IguVerse team is committed to developing innovative solutions on top of the existing app. The viral nature of the social task system has demonstrated success as a means of organic and reliable advertising. Consequently, a decentralized advertising network and an AI-powered marketplace are presently under development. These interconnected solutions represent some of the earliest initiatives in the realm of decentralized marketing, which will introduce new revenue streams to the IguVerse ecosystem.

Most notably, the app appeals to new users unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies, providing them with valuable functionality while unveiling the potential of digital assets. In conjunction with forthcoming solutions, the IguVerse ecosystem possesses the capability to revolutionize the Web 3 landscape and introduce novel use cases to Web 3.