DWF Labs is proud to announce its latest investment in BitBrawl, the revolutionary cross-chain platformer fighting game. BitBrawl brings the excitement of competition and the thrill of NFTs to your fingertips. With BitBrawl, players can choose between casual and ranked modes, where they can fight with leaders from 4 regions or over 40+ partnered NFT projects.

In Casual mode, players can join real-time brawls with friends and other players, earning shards for each win. These shards can be used to buy cosmetic items for their brawler.

For those who want to take the competition to the next level, BitBrawl offers Ranked mode, where players can put their skills to the test and win big. With winner-takes-all prizes, Ranked mode is perfect for serious gamers looking to prove their worth.

But that's not all, BitBrawl also has Tournament mode, where players can compete in weekly and monthly tournaments to earn cash prizes and become the ultimate champion.