DWF Labs is proud to announce the investment in PlayZap, a revolutionary blockchain-based gaming platform. PlayZap is designed for casual and competitive gamers, providing a unified super gaming app that allows players to switch between different games and compete against live opponents.

PlayZap's "Free to Play. Skill to Earn" philosophy empowers players to use their skills to earn rewards, and its innovative NFT-powered token economy ensures sustainable growth and engagement. The platform offers skill-based tournaments and PvP, where players with similar skills are matched against each other, driving community involvement and engagement.

With a community-driven approach, PlayZap encourages its users to vote on features and games they want to see, and the exclusive NFT tickets allow for organizing tournaments through the creator program. The platform is also built for partnerships, offering a framework for game creators and developers to deploy their games to the PlayZap ecosystem and take advantage of its large community.

PlayZap offers a seamless gaming experience across mobile and web platforms, with a comprehensive design, dynamic score systems, and plans to bring over 10 games in 2022, with new titles regularly added to keep the community engaged.