DWF Labs is proud to announce our investment in the game-changing project, MetaOne. MetaOne is a one-of-a-kind platform that offers a comprehensive solution for the GameFi space. With a focus on analytics, guild management, NFT asset management, and investment opportunities, MetaOne provides a level of transparency and functionality that is unmatched in the GameFi ecosystem.

MetaOne's mission is to empower guilds and game developers with the data and tools they need to increase their revenue potential. By simplifying the transition to GameFi for gamers and providing valuable data-driven insights, MetaOne is poised to become the largest app store/STEAM equivalent in the GameFi space.

The MetaOne team is made up of talented individuals across Asia with deep expertise in traditional game development and publishing, data analytics, and blockchain development. With the support of investors such as DWF Labs, Infinity Venture Partners, YGG SEA, Algorand Foundation, Pillar Ventures, Froyo Games, Enjinstarter, lucidblue, All-In Ventures, Sea Pixel, and Xverse, MetaOne is poised to revolutionize the GameFi space.