DWF Labs is proud to announce the launch of Marblex, a new player in the ever-growing gaming and De-Fi ecosystem. Marblex brings together the Game-Fi and NFT world into a seamless, user-friendly experience for users. The platform's ecosystem, the MARBLEX Playground, is an expansion of the Game-Fi ecosystem, connecting fragmented ecosystems and allowing for a fluid interaction between games and the economy within.

DWF Labs is proud to announce our investment in the game-changing project, MetaOne. MetaOne is a one-of-a-kind platform that offers a comprehensive solution for the GameFi space. With a focus on analytics, guild management, NFT asset management, and investment opportunities, MetaOne provides a level of transparency and functionality that is unmatched in the GameFi ecosystem.


DWF Labs is proud to announce its latest investment, PUML Better Health, a decentralized platform that rewards individuals for taking care of their health. With PUML, you can join a variety of health challenges, sponsored by corporates, brands, and professional athletes, to help form healthy habits and earn rewards. The platform offers a range of challenges that promote physical and mental wellness, such as steps, hydration, meditation, sleep, and more.


DWF Labs is proud to announce its latest investment in BitBrawl, the revolutionary cross-chain platformer fighting game. BitBrawl brings the excitement of competition and the thrill of NFTs to your fingertips. With BitBrawl, players can choose between casual and ranked modes, where they can fight with leaders from 4 regions or over 40+ partnered NFT projects.


DWF Labs is proud to announce the investment in PlayZap, a revolutionary blockchain-based gaming platform. PlayZap is designed for casual and competitive gamers, providing a unified super gaming app that allows players to switch between different games and compete against live opponents.

Blockchain Football

DWF Labs is proud to announce its investment in Blockchain Football, a Web3 version of the popular game Barcode Footballer from Cybird. With over 8 million downloads and $70 million in revenue worldwide, this game is a proven success on the Web2 platform.


DWF Labs is excited to announce our latest investment in KLAYDICE, a P2E mobile game based on the Klaytn blockchain. KLAYDICE offers a unique opportunity for global users to access the blockchain in an easy and convenient way, while providing a platform for virtual world business opportunities. With its innovative gameplay, users can collect cards, win battles and earn Dice tokens, making it an enticing option for gamers and blockchain enthusiasts alike.


DWF Labs is excited to announce our investment in DigiNation, a metaverse game platform that connects the Web3 and Web2 communities. The team behind DigiNation has extensive game creation experience and is supported by notable Web3 investors, and aims to expand the Web3 ecosystem with its unique game development capabilities and Web2 user base.