Berry Store NFT
Date of investment: 2022-11-16

DWF Labs is proud to announce its investment in Berry Store, a groundbreaking social platform that combines the best of both worlds - social interaction and giving back. Berry Store offers a unique solution for international mediation and donations through its social community platform. With the ability to support one another, users can show off their donations and follow their favorite sponsors.

Date of investment: 2022-11-28

DWF Labs is proud to announce its investment in SOMESING, the world's first blockchain-based singing content platform that aims to revolutionize the music industry. SOMESING provides users with a fair and transparent reward system for their musical contributions on the platform through the use of smart contract technology. With its recognition by both Apple App Store and Google Play Store as well as patented technology, SOMESING is set to be a leader in the music industry.

Date of investment: 2022-10-21

DWF Labs is excited to announce its investment in Fanzee, the Ultimate Fan Engagement Solution. Fanzee is revolutionizing the way sports and entertainment organizations connect with their fans. With its innovative gamification platform, Fanzee offers a unique and immersive fan experience through live quizzes, interactive puzzles and games, collectible digital assets, and more.

Fanzee is designed to take fans on a journey with the organization, providing endless opportunities for engagement. This is achieved through thoughtfully designed fan journeys, making it possible to connect with fans at every step of the way. In addition, Fanzee has a digital marketplace where fans can trade assets, adding another layer of interaction and engagement.

DWF Labs is confident that Fanzee has the potential to revolutionize fan engagement and we are proud to be a part of this exciting project.