Label Foundation

DWF Labs is excited to announce our partnership with LABEL Foundation on the innovative TRACKS music streaming platform. TRACKS is a cutting-edge platform that offers a true decentralization and advanced ecosystem based on blockchain technology. Together with LABEL Foundation, TRACKS offers a unique opportunity for users to listen to and earn from music, as well as create and earn.

TRACKS shares and connects users to various and amazing music through a cutting-edge approach. It rebuilds the true value forgotten in the existing music industry, creating strong bonds with both listeners and musicians. By joining the TRACKS ecosystem, users can enjoy perfect fit-sound while earning rewards for simply listening to music.

The process of listening and earning is easy and fast. Simply press the play button and get hooked on the cool music. With your music, you can connect with your world and earn rewards.

In addition to listening and earning, users can also share their wonder world they created. By making better music for enthusiastic listeners, you can earn rewards on TRACKS. The platform offers a new ecosystem connecting listeners and musicians.