DWF Labs is excited to announce a strategic partnership in a project called Corite, designed to allow fans to invest in music and engage with their favorite artists. Corite is a platform where artists invite their fans to support their next release by creating a fan campaign. The money raised through the campaign can be used to market the music and create further engagement. In return, fans get a share of streaming revenues by investing in the music they love.

Corite lets fans become backers and get involved in the success of their favorite artists. With Corite, artists have creative and financial freedom, while keeping all their rights. Corite also offers distribution to all major platforms such as Spotify, Apple, and TikTok, making it easier for artists to focus on their music and let Corite take care of the rest.

Corite's vision is to fan power a global generation of artists and creatives. If fans like a song, they can back it and push it to become a hit. Corite also provides daily data on how music is streamed worldwide, giving fans insights on how the music is performing on a daily basis.

With Missions, fans can not only invest with money but also with their time, reach, and engagement, ensuring the music is heard by more people while earning Fan Power, which can be exchanged for unique experiences, early access to major drops, and other rewards.