We are thrilled to announce our investment in Okratech and its revolutionary token, ORT. Okratech's innovative model assures professional mediation for both the employer and employee, ensuring the highest quality of work. With Okratech, employers can simply post their desired project and receive competitive bids from freelancers within minutes. The platform allows for browsing freelancer profiles, real-time chatting, and selecting the best candidate for the job. Payments can be made securely using the Milestone Payment system and released only when the employer is 100% satisfied with the completed work.

What sets Okratech apart is its DeFi-powered, self-governing DAO design that acts as a decentralized and broad platform for freelancing, not only for B2B interactions but also for P2P. Ort will match skilled freelancers for job postings across the globe, and the platform's highlight is the absence of transaction fees. We believe that Okratech's innovative approach to freelancing will revolutionize the industry and we are excited to be a part of this growth with ORT token.