DWF Labs is excited to announce our investment in RYOMA, a revolutionary platform that is changing the game in the gaming industry. RYOMA is the first ever "Traffic-as-Service" Gamefi Distribution Platform that seamlessly connects players and game publishers.

With the introduction of the NFT Flow Card, modeled after the Ishin Shishi, RYOMA is taking the gaming experience to the next level. The NFT Flow Card acts as a key to unlocking a liquid mining pool on the Bakumatsu GameFi platform, and the first 10,000 cards will be a collector's item for gaming enthusiasts.

RYOMA is the future of game development, distribution, and prop trading. It is a Gamefi DAO that is built for the gaming industry, and the Ryoma Token is the currency that powers the entire network. All games on the Bakumatsu GameFi platform generate assets that are associated with the Ryoma Token, allowing for seamless circulation across the network, regardless of geography or time. With a single account, players can access all games on the platform and enjoy a truly immersive gaming experience.

DWF Labs is thrilled to be a part of this exciting new project and looks forward to seeing its success in the future.