Date of investment: 2023-03-08
WOM Protocol

DWF Labs is proud to announce the investment in the WOM Protocol, the ad-free future of marketing. The WOM Protocol is a revolutionary new user-generated marketing channel that harnesses the power of honest word-of-mouth recommendations. It provides a new way for businesses to increase sales conversion and offer users a better experience by ditching invasive ads in favor of a user-friendly revenue stream.

With the WOM Protocol, businesses can leverage the most effective form of marketing by using user-generated content to drive their sales. The protocol incentivizes users to share their honest recommendations with friends and followers by rewarding them with WOM Tokens. This creates a virtuous cycle of word-of-mouth marketing that benefits both users and businesses.

We believe that the WOM Protocol represents the future of marketing and we are thrilled to be part of its launch. Join us in shaping a new era of ad-free marketing that benefits everyone.