We are thrilled to announce that DWF Labs has entered into a strategic partnership with Solcial, a permissionless social network built on the Solana blockchain. Solcial promotes freedom of speech and fair rewards for users, allowing them to interact without fear of censorship or bans, while also earning from the value they bring to their audience.

Solcial offers a unique "invest-for-subscription" model, where users have their own tokens, enabling their audience to invest directly in them. With three subscription levels, users can follow others for free to access public content or own the creators' tokens to access their private content. This innovative approach encourages a more engaged and supportive community.

On Solcial, users can also display their NFTs on their profile, and if they don't have any, they can easily mint their own using the platform's NFT mint feature. Future updates may include the ability to buy and sell NFTs directly within the platform, eliminating the need for external NFT marketplaces.

Though Solcial's initial version includes some centralised components, future iterations will ensure that all user content is stored on and accessed through a decentralised P2P layer. This guarantees that Solcial remains resistant to censorship and free from reliance on vulnerable servers or gateways. Token-related operations, such as minting and trading, are all performed on the blockchain.

By partnering with Solcial, DWF Labs is proudly supporting a project that fosters freedom of speech and fair rewards in the world of social networking. We look forward to working closely with Solcial to enhance user experiences and contribute to the growth of the web3 ecosystem.