October 2023

DWF Labs is thrilled to announce a $7.5 million investment in AirDAO, expanding our partnership that began with a $2 million investment in September 2022. This investment includes a one-year cliff and a 36-month vesting schedule. Additionally, DWF Labs has secured a 1.5 billion AMB loan over 3 years linked to this investment.

AirDAO is committed to enhancing its global brand presence and is well-positioned to welcome the next generation of users. We're proud to collaborate with DWF Labs.

September 2022

DWF Labs is thrilled to announce our investment in AirDAO, an ecosystem of innovative, user-friendly dApps powered by the Ambrosus Network blockchain and its native token, AMB. AirDAO's self-contained and self-governed ecosystem is highly promising, and we were especially excited to hear about the blockchain's plans to open up to DeFi. Being the first investors in this exciting project is not only an honor but also an incredible opportunity for DWF Labs.

At its core, AirDAO aims to provide a more user-friendly and accessible DeFi experience. The project includes a range of flagship products, such as the native decentralized exchange (DEX) FirepotSwap, a bridge that supports cross-chain transfers to Ethereum and BNB Chain, and an AirDAO Staking platform. Additionally, the project is designed with the user in mind, with tutorials and guides that make it easier for people to enter the world of blockchain.

AirDAO is also highly community-focused, and we look forward to participating in the transition to a DAO in which token holders can help shape the project's future and earn passive income for doing so. Since CEO Lang Mei took over in March 2022, AirDAO has made tremendous progress, and we are excited to see the project's continued growth and success.

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