Impact Market

DWF Labs is proud to announce its partnership with impactMarket, a project that utilises Web3 to provide accessible financial solutions, such as Unconditional Basic Income, Microcredit, and Learn and Earn. impactMarket empowers financially underserved people all over the world to unlock their potential and access inclusive financial products and services. Through this partnership, DWF Labs is excited to contribute to the fight for a fairer world for all.

impactMarket utilises blockchain technology for social good, creating transparent, efficient, censorship-resistant, and borderless solutions. This enables new possibilities for organisations and donors to leverage their impact, and for users to access inclusive financial products and services. One of the solutions impactMarket provides is Unconditional Basic Income, which helps vulnerable communities around the world to implement poverty alleviation mechanisms.

Another solution impactMarket offers is Learn and Earn, a feature on their web app that provides educational content for users to engage with while earning rewards. The project also offers Microcredit, a form of financial support for beneficiaries to aid in their professional and personal development. To access these services, impactMarket provides Libera, a non-custodial crypto wallet that enables financially underserved people to manage their crypto assets with ease and security.

Through this partnership, DWF Labs joins several other partners who share the goal of promoting a fairer world for all. Together, we can expand access to education and financial services through web3 and help even more people to unlock their full potential.