DWF Labs is excited to announce our partnership with RSS3, an information dissemination protocol designed to achieve open, efficient, and secure flow of information on the Open Web. RSS3 bridges web3 to AI, search, feed, and beyond, making it the perfect partner for DWF Labs' cutting-edge technologies.

The RSS3 Network is formed by a group of RSS3 Nodes, running consistently to aggregate data from multiple decentralized networks, both on- and off-chain. Currently, the RSS3 network communicates with developers via the RSS3 API, providing efficient access to information on the Open Web. In 2022, the RSS3 network processed over 1.4 billion requests.

One of the key benefits of RSS3 is its AI readiness, allowing developers to train AI (LLM) models with natural language content from the ever-growing decentralized web. In addition, the network can access data from blockchains and provide results directly to conversational AIs like ChatGPT, making it a valuable tool for AI development.

With the RSS3 AIOP, developers can start their low-code web3 AI journey, creating innovative solutions with ease. We are excited to work with RSS3 and explore the potential of this powerful protocol.